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Elephant to India

Genre: Travel Documentary
Length: 120min
Director: Wolfgang Pröhl
Production: Digifilm GmbH; Wolfgang Pröhl

Release: 2019

Plot Summary:

The film follows Wolfgang, Claudia, and Christian on their journey to India. Their chosen mode of transportation: two Vespas. They travel overland with minimal luggage, carrying only what they truly need.

Their travel budget is forty euros per day for the three of them. It's not much, but they believe it will allow them to get to know the people along the 20,000-kilometer journey much better. Their homes and their lives. Goa is their destination. The journey there is the essence of their trip. The journey will last six months.

Accompanying them is the sky-blue elephant Ferdinand. He is one meter long and one meter high. Ferdinand is meant to be the door opener. With him, Wolfgang, Claudia, and Christian aim to touch the hearts of the people they encounter, which they succeed in doing.


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