"We are proud to publish a young composer, who will form the acoustic identity of this internationally successfull production"


- Gerhard Hanzl, Head of ORF Enterprise Music Publisher, about Tobias' work on UNIVERSUM

Source: Horizont Österreich


„Doorways & Dimensions“ (by Kirk Johnson) (1 Episode)


„A Father’s Love Is Always Lost In Silence“ (By Rikhil Bahadur) (Short Film)


„Paparazzo“ (by Angie Bräuml) (Short Film)

„The Plague Doctor“ (by Matt Sheridan) (Short Film)


„Touch“ (by Tancredi di Paola) (Short Film)

„The Unofficials“ (by David Ryan Veilleux) (Feature Film)

„Landead“ (by David VanDyke) (Shortfilm)

„Arbitrium“ (by Kevin Thai) (Short Film)

„Driving with Logan“ (by Sebastian Winkler) (Mobile Game)


„Der Teufel und die drei goldenen Haare“ (by Marcus Zollfrank) (Radio Play)

„Elephant to India“ (by Wolfgang Pröhl) (Feature Film)

"IKEA" (Social Media Advertising)

"Mein wunderbarer Kochsalon" (by Martina Hohenlohe) (Web Series)

„Film d’Auteur“ (by Tobias Vees) (Short Film)


"Echo" (by Shamila Lengsfeld) (Short Film)

"Fridays For Future" (by Alina Seeberg) (Cinema Spot)

"Kelly's" (Social Media Advertising)

"farblos" (by Stefan Zeiler) (Short Film)

"IKEA" (Social Media Advertising, II.)


"The World" (directed & composed by Tobias Alexander Ratka)

"Verführt" (by Roman Meyer-Paulino) (Short Film)

"Amel?" (by Jonas Bomba & Josua Zehner) (Feature Film)

"Magie des Goldes" (Münze Österreich) (Social Media Advertising)

"Hemp Secco" (by Vesely Marek) (Commercial)​

"Unsichtbare Helden" (Television Documentary) (as guitar player)

"Dinner für Acht" (by Bernhard Ratka) in pre-production


 "UNIVERSUM Intro" (by ORF) (Television Documentary)

Employee at „Digifilm“: working as a composer and sound technician (2018 - now)


Composer at "Atom Music Audio" (2019 - now)

Composer at "ORF" (2020 - now)






„The Midnight Club“
A swing album, released in early 2018

„les deux valses“
A single containing two waltzes. Released in fall, 2018



"The World"

A song about the protection of our environment.

Composed together with Fiona Parilon.

Released under the label "Lenzelot".


An album in the style of superhero music.

Released under the publisher "Atom Music Audio"


"Embarrassed to be White"

A provocative Hip-Hop Song about the BLM Movement

Featuring WBN



2008 – 2015: Guitar lessons + additional training in music theory

2016: Hollywood Music Workshop: From Concept to Composition with Joe Kraemer
           FIMU Symposium with Alexandre Desplat

2017: Hollywood Music Workshop: Creating MIDI-Mockups with T.J. Lindgren
           FIMU Symposium with Danny Elfman
           Online Masterclass with Hans Zimmer

2018: Hollywood Music Workshop: Creating MIDI-Mockups with T.J. Lindgren 

           Hollywood Music Workshop: Scoring for TV Drama Series with John Lunn
           FIMU Symposium + Workshop/Masterclass with Hans Zimmer

2010 – 2018: Musical education + musical education (advanced) at BG/BRG  Biondekgasse Baden

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