"We are proud to publish a young composer, who will form the acoustic identity of this internationally successful production"


- Gerhard Hanzl, Head of ORF Enterprise Music Publisher, about Tobias' work on UNIVERSUM

Source: Horizont Österreich


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Feature Film

2018: The Unofficials

Director: David Ryan Veilleux

2019: Elephant to India

(Documentary; Theatrical Release)

Director: Wolfgang Proehl

2021: Amel?

(Drama / Comedy)

Directors: Jonas Bomba, Josua Zehner


2022: Dinner für Acht

(Thriller / Comedy; Theatrical Release)

Director: Bernhard Ratka

2022: Lass Uns Reden (additional music)

(Documentary; Theatrical Release)

Director: Tamás Kiss


2019: IKEA (10 spots)
2019: Fridays For Future (1 spot)
2019: Kelly's (4 spots)
2019: IKEA (10 spots)
2020: Münze Österreich (1 spot)
2020: Hemp Secco (1 spot)

2021: KWS Saat - "Böses Erwachen" (1 spot)

2021: IKEA - Die schnelle Küche von IKEA

2021: KWS Saat

Audio Drama
2014: Doorways & Dimensions

(Director: Kirk Johnson)

2019: Der Teufel und die drei goldenen Haare

(Director: Marcus Zollfrank)



Short Film

2016: A Father’s Love Is Always Lost In Silence

(Director: Rikhil Bahadur)

2017: Paparazzo

(Director: Angie Bräuml)

2017: The Plague Doctor

(Director: Matt Sheridan)

2018: Touch

(Director: Tancredi di Paola)

2018: Landead

(Director: David Vandyke)

2018: Arbitrium

(Director: Kevin Thai)

2019: film d'auteur

(Director: Tobias Vees)

2019: Echo

(Director: Shamila Lengsfeld)

2019: farblos

(Director: Stefan Zeiler)

2019: Animal Control

(Director: Vesely Marek)

2020: Verführt

(Director: Roman Meyer-Paulino)

2020: Ausgespielt?

(Director: Tobias Vees)

2021: in the dark

(Director: Tobias Vees)



2020: „Unbekannte Helden“ (TV documentary)

               (performing musician: acoustic guitar)

              Director: Samuel Ackermann; Composer: Christian Heschl

            on SWR & ARD

2020: UNIVERSUM Nature (title signation)

          on ORF 2


2020: UNIVERSUM History (title signation)

           on ORF 2


2021: 100 Jahre Burgenland (full music)

           on ORF 1, ORF2, Radio Burgenland

2021: "Najhorší týždeň môjho života" (TV Series)

            ("The Worst Week of my Life") Director: Peter Hoferica

           on TV Markiza

2022: SOKO Linz (TV Series)

           Directors: Various Directors  

           on ZDF & ORF1




Online Show

2019–2020: Mein wunderbarer Kochsalon

(Intro Music, OST for 1 full episode)

(Director: Martina Hohenlohe; Production Company: Digifilm)


Video Game
2018: Driving with Logan

(App Store, Google Play)



Production Music / Trailer Music


2020: „Heroes“

(Atom Music Audio)

2020: Production Music

(ORF Enterprise Musikverlag)








Other Music projects

2018: „The Midnight Club“
A swing album.

2018: „les deux valses“
A single containing two waltzes.

2020: "The World"

Composed together with Fiona Parilon.

Released under the label "Lenzelot".



2020: "Embarrassed to be White"

Featuring WBN


2022: "Escape Your Sight"

Title Song to "Dinner für Acht"

together with Nina Hafner