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HADES - Eine (fast) wahre Geschichte aus der Unterwelt

engl. Hades - an (almost) true story from the underworld

Genre: Action / Comedy
Length: 100min
Director: Andreas Kopriva
Production: MR Film
Distributor: Constantin Film Austria
Available on: Netflix
Release: 2023


Plot Summary:
When ten-year-old Reza flees to Vienna with his mother and brother, finding themselves in rather precarious circumstances, he soon realizes by chance: To avoid sinking, one needs self-confidence, wit – and occasionally, must deliver hefty blows. Only later does his past catch up with him. He not only becomes a professional fighter but also a professional gangster under the underworld boss Milan, embarking on a lucrative double life. Alongside his buddies Mo and Dragan, he gains reputation through intelligence, yet also brutality. But despite all the toughness, Reza retains a big heart and a small conscience for his actions – and this heart becomes his downfall. When he falls in love with the smart but unsuspecting student Beatrice, everything changes. What he doesn't suspect: The police, in the form of the experienced Inspector Czermak, have long been on their trail.


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